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BELICZAY, JULIUS Symphony No. 1, Serenade In D Minor Budapest Concert Orchestra / Mavtamas Gal. Sterling

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Beliczay Julius Symphony No 1 Concert Orchestra Mavtamas Gal Sterling
Beliczay Julius Symphony No 1 Concert Orchestra Mavtamas Gal Sterling
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Symphony No. 1 D minor, Op. 45
1. Maestoso; Allegro 16.13
2. Allegro molto 8.52
3. Adagio cantabile 10.33
4. Allegro con brio 9.50

Serenade D minor, Op. 36
5. Moderato ma non troppo 4.33
6. Allegretto vivace 2.43
7. Adagio cantabile 5.50
8. Allegro con fuoco; Allegretto vivace 6.16

Budapest Concert Orchestra / Mavtamas Gal

This is our first Hungarian Romantic CD. Julius Beliczay is a truly sensational but forgotten composer who completely mastered the symphonic art. Much influenced by Robert Schumann and some believe his orchestrations are even better.

We know numerous excellent composers who began their careers as an officer, official or doctor. However, it is quite rare that someone, in this case Beliczay,
performed excellently in both civil duties and in music. He was an accomplished mathematician and he received a Master of Science and Engineering in 1857.
He was employed as an engineer in a private railway company in Vienna. The company, founded in 1846, was responsible for the greater part of the expansion of the Hungarian railroad network. When the corporate management in 1871 moved to Pest he followed. The Ministry of Communications appointed him chief engineer within the four-year-old Hungarian State Railways (MÁV). The Government sent him to Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium to study the European rail services along with the music education system in these countries. In 1886, he left his position as a principal consultant. Thanks to the organization of the railway company, he was able to retire to devote himself exclusively to music. In 1888, he was appointed by Ödön Michalovich (Erkel's successor as headmaster at the Academy of Music) to become professor of composition. He became ill and resigned in 1892 and died April 30, 1893.

Founded on 1 May, 1945 their own symphony orchestra. Under the leadership of the orchestra's first artistic director, Tibor Szoke, who was the Opera House's young conductor, in the autumn of 1946, the Academy of Music was hosting their subscription concert series. In November 1947 the orchestra gave a guest concert in the Musikvereinssaal, Vienna. Alongside orchestral performances in Budapest and the provinces, the Rolling Opera also started in 1947: this was an Opera House travelling company performance with the State Opera House singers, choir and the MÁV Symphony Orchestra. Between 1947 and 1954 the company gave 544 performances in the whole Hungary.

Sterling CDS1115

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Format CD
Genre Classical
Label Sterling
Release Period November 2017


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