New release and special offer. The Dunedin Consort presents the premiere recording of Mozart scholar David Black’s new 2013 edition of Süssmayr’s completion of Mozart’s Requiem.

In keeping with several other Dunedin projects, this provides the opportunity to re-imagine what this work may have sounded like at its very first performance.

To this end, the recording will be the first not only to use this new edition, but also to present the work using forces close in style and scale to those at the first performances.

Available at a special price of just £10.50 (Standard price £12.65) as part of the Dunedin Consort special offer

Mozart Requiem from Dunedin Consort on Vimeo.

ALTtextMOZART Requiem (Reconstruction of first performance) Joann Lunn, Rowan Hellie, Thomas Hobbs, Matthew Brook, Dunedin Consort / John Butt. Linn SACDView or buy

One striking element of these performances is the fact that the soloists are also the leaders of the choir, thus giving a greater consistency to the relationship between the solo numbers and the choruses.

Dunedin Consort seeks to resurrect Süssmayr’s much maligned edition to its place and worth in history.

Taking centre stage are soloists Joann Lunn soprano, Rowan Hellie alto, Thomas Hobbs tenor and Matthew Brook bass-baritone.

Dunedin Consort Special OfferDunedin Consort Special Offer