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Matteis, Nicola

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  1. Podger Rachel Guardian Angel Channel Classics Sacd
    PODGER, RACHEL Guardian Angel. Music by Bach, Matteis, Tartini, Pisendel, Biber. Channel Classics SACD
    Catalogue Number: CCSSA35513
    • Release Date: 07-10-2013
    • Format: CD, SACD
    • Genre: Classical
    • Awards: BBC Music Awards Finalist, Gramophone Editors Choice
    £13.04 £10.87
  2. Musical London C1700 From Purcell Instruments Peter Holman Chandos Chaconne
    MUSICAL LONDON c1700 from Purcell to Handel. Philippa Hyde, The Parley of Instruments / Peter Holman. Chandos Chaconne
    Catalogue Number: CHAN0776
    • Release Date: 04-01-2011
    • Format: CD
    • Genre: Classical
    £12.83 £10.69
  3. Folias The Baroque Guitar Taro Takeuchi Reiko Ichise Deux-Elles
    FOLIAS The Baroque Guitar Taro Takeuchi, Reiko Ichise Deux-Elles
    Catalogue Number: DXL1030
    • Release Date: 20-10-2002
    • Format: CD
    • Genre: Classical
    Special Price £9.53 £7.94 Was: £11.20
  4. Chirping Of The Nightingale Mr Matteis Henry Purcell Berlin Classics
    Special Price £10.54 £8.78 Was: £12.42
  5. Italian Baroque Trumpet Music Crispian The Parley Of Instruments Helios
    ITALIAN BAROQUE TRUMPET MUSIC Crispian Steele-Perkins, Stephen Keavy, The Parley of Instruments. Helios
    Catalogue Number: CDH55192
    • Release Date: 01-03-2005
    • Format: CD
    • Genre: Classical
    £8.56 £7.13
  6. Foreign Insult English Baroque Music Friedrich Abel La Ricordanza Mdg
    "FOREIGN INSULT" English Baroque Music by Immigrant Composers. Works by G.F. Handel, Francesco Barsanti, J.C. Bach, Gottfried Finger, Nicola Matteis, Carl Friedrich Abel. La Ricordanza. MDG
    Catalogue Number: MDG5051381
    • Release Date: 01-04-2006
    • Format: CD
    • Genre: Classical
    Out of stock
  7. Purcell Matteis Dowland To Touch Axel Wolf Pavel Serbin Oehms
    £10.36 £8.63

9 Items

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