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DE VISEE Musique de La Chambre du Roy. Manuel Staropoli, Massimo Marchese. Brilliant Classics 4cds

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De Visee Musique De La Chambre Roy Brilliant Classics 4Cds
De Visee Musique De La Chambre Roy Brilliant Classics 4Cds
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Musique de La Chambre du Roy

Manuel Staropoli, Massimo Marchese

· This 4CD set presents the complete music that Robert de Visée (1655- 1733) wrote for Louis XIV, the Sun King.

· De Visée was a highly esteemed court composer, the chamber musician of Louis XIV the Sun King. He wrote several books of works for lute and theorbo, which on this recording are enriched by the inclusion of flute, viola da gamba and harpsichord. It is music of lush instrumental flourish, highly ornamented: typical French court music, full of grandeur and grace.

· These recordings were previously issued separately. The Early Music Ensemble received 5 star reviews in the international press. Its four members are Manuel Staropoli (flute), Massimo Marchese (theorbo), Cristiano Contadin (viola da gamba) and Manuel Tomadin (harpsichord), all seasoned early music players, each already with several Brilliant Classics CD’s to their name.

The project to record this unfailingly graceful court chamber music began in 2011, when the first disc from these artists appeared on Brilliant Classics and won warm critical appreciation both for a magnificent if neglected body of work, and for the stylish performances: ‘The musical treats in store for the listener are evident right away… As gorgeous Suite follows gorgeous Suite, it quickly becomes obvious that de Visée's music is strikingly original, despite its simplicity of means and structure.
This is not dance music of a frivolous or frothy nature, but the work of an inspired mind, dignified and charged with emotional depth. For those who appreciate anything from François Couperin's magnificent chamber music to the 'proto-guitar' classics of the late-Renaissance masters, this CD is a very safe bet.’ (MusicWeb International)

The following volumes were greeted with equal enthusiasm: ‘De Visée's music is of excellent quality and that comes to the fore in these ensemble performances as well, also thanks to the lively playing by Staropoli and his colleagues. Every lover of French music will certainly enjoy these discs.’ (MusicWeb International)

Now the collection can be enjoyed complete for the first time ever, and enriched by a note from the artists on the fascinating figure of Robert de Viseé, chamber musician to Louis XIV, and then guitar teacher to Louis XV. In total, Manuel Staropoli employs ten different instruments, all modern copies of antique flutes and recorders. He is partnered by a rich kaleidoscopic of basso continuo instruments, not only Massimo Marchese on theorbo but also colleagues on viole da gamba and harpsichords. The set is an essential acquisition for anyone looking to enrich their knowledge of the French Baroque.

Brilliant Classics 4cds 95595BR

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Format CD
Genre Classical
Label Brilliant Classics
Release Period January 2018


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