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REBEL / TELEMANN Terpsichore. Apotheosis of Baroque Dance. Le Concert Des Nations / Jordi Savall. Alia Vox SACD

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REBEL TELEMANN Terpsichore Apotheosis of Jordi Savall Alia Vox SACD
REBEL TELEMANN Terpsichore Apotheosis of Jordi Savall Alia Vox SACD REBEL TELEMANN Terpsichore Apotheosis of Jordi Savall Alia Vox SACD
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J-F. Rebel & G. Ph. Telemann: Terpsichore
Le Concert des Nations / Jordi Savall

1. I. Grave
2. II. Viste: Bruit
3. III. Grave
4. IV. Gay
5. V. Première Sicilienne: Rondeau
6. VI. Deuxième Rondeau
7. VII. L'angloise: Gigue (Gay)
8. I. Prélude
9. II. Courante
10. III. Menuet
11. IV. Bourrée
12. V. Chaconne
13. VI. Sarabande
14. VII. Gigue
15. VIII. Rigaudon
16. IX. Passepied
17. X. Gavotte
18. XI. Sonate
19. XII. Loure
20. XIII. Musette
21. XIV. Sonate
22. I. Ouverture
23. II. Courante
24. III. Gavotte En Rondeau
25. IV. Branle
26. V. Sarabande
27. VI. Fantaisie
28. VII. Menuet I & II
29. VIII. Rossignol
30. I. Musette
31. II. Gavotte
32. III. Musette
33. IV. Chaconne
34. V. Passepied
35. VI. Bourée
36. VII. Rigaudon
37. VIII. Bourée
38. I. Grave
39. II. Chaconne
40. III. Mineur
41. IV. Majeur
42. V. Loure
43. VI. Tambourin Deux Fois Entières
44. VII. Chaconne
45. I. Ouverture: Lentement - Presto
46. II. Bergerie: Un Peu Vivement
47. III. Allégresse: Vite
48. IV. Postillons
49. V. Flaterie
50. VI. Badinage: Très Vite
51. VII. Menuet
52. VIII. Conclusion: Furioso

In this new album, Jordi Savall summons nothing less than Terpsichore, one of the nine Muses. Lively and colourfoul compositions by Telemann and Rebel enable us to experience the apotheosis of dance, at a time when the baroque repertoire had reached its highest degree of sophistication.

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Format CD, SACD
Genre Classical
Label Alia vox
Release Period November 2018


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