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RUBINSTEIN Moses. Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus / Michail Jurowski. Warner Classics 3cds

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Rubinstein Moses Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus Michail Jurowski Warner 3Cds
Rubinstein Moses Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus Michail Jurowski Warner 3Cds RUBINSTEIN Moses Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Michail Jurowski Warner Classics 3cds
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Anton Rubinstein: Moses

Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus / Michail Jurowski

01 Vorspiel | Overture 00:01:55
02 Miriam: Wo eilst du hin, o Mutter | Miriam: Where do you hurry, mother 00:03:11
03 Johebet: Du hast, als Abraham den Stahl gezückt | Johebet: Thou, when Abraham took the knife 00:03:09
04 Johebet: Du harre hier am Strand | Johebet: Stay here, on the bank 00:02:34
05 Asnath: Die Therebinthe haucht den Abendgruss | Asnath: A whispering terebinth 00:01:05
06 Chor: Wie die Lotosblume schaukelt | Choir: How the lotus flower rocks 00:05:42
07 Asnath: Was schimmert da im Uferschilf versteckt | Asnath: Oh! What shines there 00:04:43
08 Tutti: Dir, dir heb ich es entgegen | Tutti: To you, gentle goddess 00:03:45

09 Chor: Von der Frohne schweren Lasten | Choir: From the toil of work 00:03:07
10 Frohnvogt: Auf, träge Sklaven | Overseer: Stand up, slaves 00:01:57
11 Frohnvogt: Dies Volk, das sich vermehret | Overseer: These people, who multiply 00:01:51
12 Job: In dies Land sind wir ein freier Stamm gezogen | Job: We came to this land 00:02:26
13 Moses: Zurück! Was hat dir dieser Mann gethan | Moses: Come back! What has this man done 00:02:01
14 Chor: Sie nahen, sie rotten sich | Choir: They are coming, gathering 00:01:22
15 Moses: Hier bin ich | Moses: Here I am! 00:04:14

16 Chor: Kommt, Töchter Midian’s | Choir: Come, Daughters of Midian 00:02:56
17 Zipora: Kommst du, o Freund | Zipporah: Have you come, my friend 00:05:06
18 Zipora: Das sind Edom’s wilde Söhne! | Zipporah: These are the wild sons of Esau! 00:01:02
19 Moses: Zurück! Feige Knaben, Wüstenräuber! | Moses: Away! Cowardly boys! 00:04:22
20 Moses: Frieden, Frieden | Moses: Peace, peace, where shall I find peace 00:03:42
21 Moses: Es rauschet in den Palmen | Moses: A noise I hear among the palms 00:01:01
22 Stimme Gottes: Ich habe dein Flehen gehört | The Voice of God: I have heard your pleas 00:03:09
23 Moses: Gepriesen sei, gepriesen sei | Moses: Praised shall be 00:03:42

01 (24) Vorspiel | Overture 00:04:00
02 (25) Chor: Starr und stumm | Choir: Quiet and peaceful land 02:16:00
03 (26) Pharao: Verstummt, denn euer Flehen | Pharaoh: Be silent. Your begging has turned 00:02:35
04 (27) Asnath: Mein Herr und Vater | Asnath: My lord and father 00:00:59
05 (28) Chor: Osiris, strahlender Sohn des Seb | Choir: Osiris, the radiant son of Geb 00:01:45
06 (29) Chor: Wehe uns | Choir: Woe to us! 00:01:27
07 (30) Asnath: Bei der Hand | Asnath: With the hand that saved you 00:01:50
08 (31) Moses: Herr Zebaoth, du hörst den Eid | Moses: My Lord, Sabaoth, Thou hath heard 00:00:34
09 (32) Chor: Licht! Licht! | Choir: Light! Light! 00:01:57
10 (33) Moses: Nun Pharao, erfülle deinen Schwur | Moses: Now, pharaoh, keep you word 00:02:07
11 (34) Moses: So spricht der Ew’ge | Moses: Thus speaks the Eternal 00:01:19
12 (35) Chor: Erbarmen, o König | Choir: Mercy, oh King 00:02:59

13 (36) Chor: Erlöst, gerettet | Choir: Saved, spared 00:02:45
14 (37) Moses: Höre mich, Israel! | Moses: Listen to me, Israel! 00:01:47
15 (38) Bote: Mose! Dort von Mitternacht | Messenger: Moses! There to the north 00:02:09
16 (39) Moses: O ew’ger Vater | Moses: Oh, everlasting Father 00:02:50
17 (40) Chor: Ein leises Säuseln weht | Choir: A light wind is blowing 00:01:19
18 (41) Chor: Barmherzig ist der Herr | Choir: Merciful is the Lord! 00:00:48
19 (42) Pharao: Mir nach! Ihr Mannen! | Pharaoh: Follow me, my troops! 00:04:30

20 (43) Chor: Wir wandelten durch Meereswogen | Choir: We have crossed the floor of the sea 00:02:42
21 (44) Moses: Erheb‘ die Augen, Israel | Moses: Raise your eyes, Israel 00:04:46
22 (45) Miriam: Gott ist mein Sieg | Miriam: God is my victory 00:00:45
23 (46) Miram: Herr Israel‘s | Miriam: The Lord of Israel 00:00:21
24 (47) Chor: Herr Israel’s | Choir: The Lord of Israel 00:06:58

01 (48) Vorspiel | Overture 00:02:55
02 (49) Chor: Manna! Manna! | Choir: Manna! Manna! 00:03:47
03 (50) Zipora: O Schwester, lass mich dir‘s entdecken | Zipporah: Sister, allow me to tell you 00:01:45
04 (51) Miriam: Der Jordan gürtet seine Lenden | Miriam: Jordan flows round its loins 00:03:00
05 (52) Moses: Höre mich, Israel Moses: Listen to me, Israel 00:02:42
06 (53) Aaron: Heilig ist er | Aaron: Holy is he 00:03:05
07 (54) Moses: Kniet in den Staub | Moses: Kneel in the dust 00:00:36
08 (55) Eine Stimme: Höre, Israel, Jehova, dein Gott | Voice: Listen, Israel, Jehova 00:04:19
09 (56) Moses: Seid fest und unverzagt | Moses: Be strong, and do not be afraid 00:02:18
10 (57) Tutti: Harret des Herrn | Tutti: Wait for the Lord 00:01:29
11 (58) Korah: Hört ihr’s Brüder | Korah: Do you hear that 00:02:55
12 (59) Aaron: Was höre ich, Jammern, Klagen | Aaron: Do I hear moaning, cursing 00:03:06
13 (60) Tutti: Wehe, wehe, hör‘ nicht ihre Stimme | Tutti: Woe, woe, do not listen to them 00:05:40
14 (61) Moses: Was seh ich! | Moses: What do I see? 00:03:16
15 (62) Moses: Hör‘, Israel, so spricht des Ew’gen Stimme! | Moses: Listen, Israel, thus speaks the voice of the Eternal 00:01:20
16 (63) Chor: Weh, es zähmet / Fasst sie, fasst sie | Choir: Woe, the abyss opens/ Catch them 00:04:20

17 (64) Vorspiel | Overture 00:03:50
18 (65) Balak: Bileam, Beir‘s Sohn | Balak: Balaam, son of Beir 00:03:27
19 (66) Balak: Vernimm nun, was dein Herr begehrt! | Balak: Hear what your master desires! 00:01:41
20 (67) Bileam: Wie soll ich fluchen | Balaam: How shall I curse 00:02:30
21 (68) Balak: Nicht länger soll er uns verhören | Balak: He will not defy us 00:01:32
22 (69) Moses: Steig‘ du, o Sohn | Moses: Son, climb this green mountain 00:06:08
23 (70) Josua: Des Herrn gewalt‘ge Hand | Joshua: The mighty hand of the Lord 00:02:34
24 (71) Moses: Volk Israel’s, Volk meiner Liebe | Moses: The people of Israel 00:03:24
25 (72) Moses: Gedenke des Bundes | Moses: Remember the covenant 00:01:06
26 (73) Chor der Himmlischen: Zieh’ hinauf auf Nebo’s Höhen | Heavenly Choir: Climb Mount Nebo 00:01:14

World premiere recording of Anton Rubinstein monumental opera „Moses”. The recordings were made by Polish Sinfonia Iuventus.

Orchestra under Michail Jurowski together with Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and Artos Children’s Choir and a tremendous cast (staring Stanislaw Kuflyuk (Moses), Torsten Kerl (Pharaoh, king of Egypt), Evelina Dobraceva (Asnath, Pharaon‘s daughter) and Malgorzata Walewska (Johebet, Moses’ mother )). The libretto was originally written in German and this recording maintains this language version.

[…] an immense declaration of faith and culture” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The opera was composed between 1884 and 1891, to the libretto by Salomon Hermann Mosenthal. Today, the Austrian playwright is remembered primarily as the librettist of Otto Nicolai’s comic opera The Merry Wives of Windsor, based on the Shakespeare play. The success of this work also brought fame to the writer; he worked with the Russian composer several times (including The Maccabees in 1874, which was very successful in Russia and Germany); the music to Moses was composed after Mosenthal’s death. The opera tells the story of the prophet in eight suggestive pictures, using an enormous performing apparatus. Maintained in the expressive, Neo-Romantic style, Moses contains many magnificent arias, especially in the stunning group scenes illustrating the famous dramatic episodes described in the biblical Pentateuch.

“Moses” was never performed on stage in its entirety. One of the reasons for this were the enormous costs of staging a work with such large cast, but also the fact that the fashion for “sacral operas” was already passing at the time. The author’s death shortly after composing the work also meant that he faded into oblivion quite quickly.

The prestigious concert under the auspices of the Polish Committee for UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which took place in the National Philharmonic Hall on 15 October 2017 (preceded by a recording of the work for this publication, with the same cast), was probably the first performance of the entire, integral opera, which had awaited its restitution for over a century! This was made possible thanks to the personal commitment of Michail Jurowski, who devoted many years to the preparation of the performance of this work and gained support for this project from the Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra. Maestro Jurowski's dream is for this extraordinary artistic undertaking to begin a wider renaissance of the interesting and beautiful, unjustly forgotten work of one of the most original characters of the musical scene of the 19th century.

Warner Classics 0190295583439

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Format CD
Genre Classical
Label Warner Classics
Release Period September 2018


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